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These are the oficial approved covid test labs by the Mexican authorities cofepris. Below is an informative breakdown of the official places registered at the state government where covid tests can be generated all along the state.

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La afiliación a esta herramienta digital del Municipio de Benito Juárez, es exclusivamente para las empresas y negocios que están registrados y operan legalmente en este municipio, que presten servicio y cumplan con la calidad turística indispensable para nuestros visitantes. Ok

This new tool is intended to serve as a direct communication channel with tourists and anyone visiting or living in Cancun. The platform will be a user-friendly interface looking to enhance each and everyone’s experience of the city, giving easy access to different attractions and activities in both the Hotel Zone and Downtown, special promotions and discount coupons, as well as providing simple but important information regarding public transportation to ensure you have an enjoyable vacation.

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