Traveler Tips

The Government of Benito Juárez (Cancun)
Thank you spring & summer breakers for choosing our top of the line and amazing destination. We hope that you enjoy and gather the most memorable experiences in Cancun.

A few tips for your stay

Keep your belongings close to you at all times and store values in your safe when you go out. The same goes for important documents, take a photo or copy of them to carry with you the whole time in case you need them.

Exercise caution around crowded places and avoid desolate, remote areas or alleys.

Only rent vehicles through certified and well-known agencies and ALWAYS get insurance. When parking anywhere, observe your surroundings for any suspicious activity, and make sure that all valuables are left out of plain sight.

Before starting a road trip check the conditions of your vehicle, and take along your driver's license, passport, and travel visa.

Only hire tours and services in general through established, certified and identifiable providers, do not purchase anything to informal or not regulated vendors operating out of law. The same applies to online services, check before paying, always look for the corporate official sites or well well-known ones.

Obey all posted signs & flags at beaches and public places.

Use common courtesy at all times and refrain from insulting or disrespecting people or the authority in any manner, in Mexico at 18 years old you are an adult with all benefits and responsibilities.

Disorderly conducts, public intoxication, drug purchase and consumption, child abuse, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, disturbing the peace, public nudity, urination and property damage are unlawful and therefore penalized accordingly.

Report all emergencies and any suspicious activity to local police by dialing 911. Any specific support you might need, do contact Guest Assist.